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Entrust Your Overall Health and Well-Being With the Best Nursing Community in Melbourne

Delivering disability and elderly care can be challenging, but KrisCare is more than ready to provide quality healthcare with the help of our committed community nurses. Community health nursing is very much needed here in our country. A community nurse takes care of the health management plan for children up to senior adults. Our community nurse services include:

  • Developing health management plans
  • Meeting the assessed clinical needs of participants
  • Collaboration with other healthcare professionals
  • Supervising medication and wound management
  • Providing specialised nursing care
  • Delivering complex care management

What is Community Nursing Under KrisCare?

Community nursing here at KrisCare is a combination of medical, physical, emotional and social interactions with the participants. Our community health nurse does not look after your health solely. We care about your overall wellness including your social, emotional and mental status. Here are some of the community nurse roles and responsibilities that we offer:

  • 24/7 companionship and support at home or in a facility
  • Daily medical chart  preparation
  • Constant communication with other health providers
  • Assistance in mobility and daily tasks

Why Choose Our Community Care Nursing Program?

  • We have a committed community nursing team.
  • We make sure to deliver all our community nursing roles.
  • We offer caring and compassionate services.

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