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Understanding the Five Psychosocial Needs | KrisCare

Understanding the Five Psychosocial Needs

The five psychosocial needs are an important part of understanding and managing psychosocial issues in mental health. These needs, which include safety, autonomy, relatedness, competence, and self-esteem, are essential for individuals to feel a sense of well-being. In this blog post by KrisCare, the best disability support services near you, we will explore what these five psychosocial needs are and how they can be addressed. Continue reading!


Safety is the need for physical security and protection from harm or danger. It is essential that people feel safe in their environments so they don’t have to worry about potential threats or risks. This can be achieved by creating secure spaces such as homes, places of work/learning, or public spaces where people can go without fear of harm.


Autonomy is the need for independence and freedom from external control or influence. People should be able to make decisions freely and pursue their own goals without being hindered by external pressures or expectations. This can be addressed by providing support for individuals to take control of their own lives and allowing them to make their own decisions without pressure from others.


Relatedness is the need for meaningful relationships with other people that provide a sense of belonging and mutual understanding. It is important for people to feel connected to those around them and have healthy relationships that provide emotional support, trust, respect, and communication. This can be achieved through activities like socialising with friends/family, joining groups/clubs/organizations that share common interests, volunteering/mentoring in the community, etc.


Competence is the need to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve one’s goals in life. It involves feeling confident in one’s abilities as well as having access to resources needed to learn new skills or gain experience in different areas. This can be supported by providing access to quality education opportunities as well as mentorship programs that allow individuals to learn from experts in different fields.


Self-esteem refers to how positively someone views themselves which ultimately impacts how they interact with others and how they perceive themselves in society at large. People should feel good about themselves regardless of any challenges they may face physically or mentally in order to foster positive interactions with others and build strong relationships with those around them. This can involve activities like engaging in hobbies/interests you enjoy or taking part in activities that help you build confidence such as sports teams or performing arts groups.

The five psychosocial needs provide us with insight into understanding psychosocial issues in healthcare, psychosocial issues in the elderly, and psychosocial issues in palliative care, faced by individuals with disabilities. By recognizing these needs, we can better support those around us who may require additional assistance due to physical or mental limitations. Understanding each individual’s unique needs helps create meaningful connections between family members, friends, carers, professionals, etc. while fostering a sense of self-worth within individuals who struggle daily due to disability-related issues. With increased awareness of these psychosocial needs, we can create a more inclusive environment where everyone feels accepted regardless of their challenges.

Understanding the Five Psychosocial Needs (2nd) | KrisCare

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