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Mental Health is Wealth | KrisCare

Mental Health is Wealth

“Health is Wealth.” That’s what we always hear. In today’s age, we take mental health issues more seriously. Most people are now aware that the quote is beyond physical health, that it should be our mental well-being is wealth.

A lot of individuals are advocating for mental health awareness: doctors, school professors, beauty queens, and even social media influencers. 

We all know how the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted the state of people’s mental health. The studies show that amidst the pandemic there is an alarming increase in mental health concerns around the globe. 

Well, let us first define mental health. Our mental health includes the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of our well-being.

It affects how we react, act, feel, or think. Mental health can be affected by many factors: life traumas, abuse, it can also be inherited, and so many more.

Why Is It Important?

  • Our mental state affects how we engage ourselves in relationships. As people, it is normal for us to socialise and interact with people or our family members, these can be affected by our mental health problems. How we talk, act or feel may be out of our control because of ignored mental concerns.
  • Difficulties in our mental state also affect our physical well-being. Our physical bodies might be jeopardised because of unattended mental concerns. The mind overpowers the body, therefore a not-so-healthy mind will have a not-so-healthy body.
  • Mental health problems can affect your way of living, it can affect your work productivity or daily activities. A downbeat mental state will lead to a gloomy mood: irritability, disturbed, or extreme sadness causing a less productive body.
  • Mental health situations can be linked to societal issues. Adults with a poor mental state can commit abuse, cause trauma, or for parents, neglect. Individuals that are challenged mentally can find it hard to have a sense of belonging in a society or confide. Studies show that poor mental well-being can lead to crime and violence

Our mental state affects a lot of aspects of our lives, so love yourself, love your mental health.

We’re Here to Help | KrisCare

We’re Here to Help

We know how hard it is to go through it alone, don’t worry because you are not, we are here and we care here at KrisCare, provider of reliable mental health services.

Call us today and feel loved and appreciated here at Kriscare!

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