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Kriscare: The Vessel of Change in Disability Living in Victoria

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is built to offer assistance for the seniors and people living with disabilities in Australia. Out of 4.3 million persons with disabilities, it is said that only 500,000 are eligible to get NDIS funding in the next 5 years.

This number is just a small percentage of the totality of people who need disability support in our country. There is also a rising issue in the difficulty of getting the NDIS for individuals with mental health problems. Their main concern is the process of proving the permanence of their psychosocial disabilities. The other concern is the scarcity of NDIS providers that offer quality mental health services.

These issues pushed KrisCare to get into action and build a multi-faceted line of disability services in Australia. Aside from the most common disability services for elderly and people with physical disabilities, we also have quality mental health services to offer.

Our Ways to Assist You and Your Family

Together with different healthcare professionals in the fields of elderly and disability care, we have created the following services:

NDIS Coordination

Navigate your NDIS fundings in the smartest way possible with the help of our professional NDIS coordinators.

Respite Care

Experience a truly relaxing kind of respite while KrisCare takes over with your caring responsibilities for a short period of time.

Mental Health and Psychosocial Issues

You deserve the best mental health assistance to battle your inner difficulties. We are here to give you the mental health support you deserve.

Centre Activities

Open up more within a group of people and learn new skills through a variety of group and centre activities from KrisCare.

Community Participation

Break the barriers your disabilities have created to your life. Let’s join hands in exploring our social abilities within an inclusive community.

Household Tasks

KrisCare can organise and create a doable system in managing all your household chores through our expert care team.

Life Skills Training

Try on new experiences in life because we can prepare you with the right set of life skills. Be confident in taking on new challenges here at KrisCare.

Daily Tasks

Enjoy life at its fullest by receiving genuine care and assistance from our skilled disability support workers

Community Nursing Care

Receive our holistic community nursing care wherein we put effort in enhancing your physical, emotional, mental and social state

Assist Travel/Transport

We deliver optimum care and assistance during all your NDIS travels, social outings, recreational activities and other trips.

Personal Activities

We can offer you with great CB daily activities and maximise different NDIS core fundings to help you reach your life goals.

Assist Life-Stage Transition

KrisCare has your back in realising all you want to achieve in life. We are the strong support system you need to take on new roles in life.

Accommodation Tenancy

Live the life you want in a safe and secure accommodation from Kriscare. Your dream housing option is just a call away.

Choose a Reliable Disability Services Provider in Victoria, Choose KrisCare!

KrisCare makes it easier for NDIS participants to receive a set of high quality disability services in Victoria. Take this opportunity to experience a better quality of life. Make that decision and call us to set up an initial meeting with KrisCare’s friendly staff!

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