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A More Positive Outlook Towards Disability

A More Positive Outlook Towards Disability

In Australia, it is estimated that around 4 million people live with some form of disability. That is approximately one in five Australians. Despite this, people with disabilities are often underrepresented and misunderstood in the media. This can lead to negative attitudes and perceptions towards people with complexities.

It is important to change the way we think about disability. A more positive outlook will lead to a more inclusive society where everyone can participate and contribute. Here are three reasons why we should all strive for a more positive outlook towards such a human condition. KrisCare, a competent disability services provider in Victoria, shares a different light about people faced with different forms of health conditions.

1. Persons with Disability Are More Than Their Diagnosis

When you meet someone for the first time, you don’t usually ask them about their medical conditions or what they can’t do. So why is it any different for someone with a disability? Just because someone has a disability, it does not mean that is all they are. People with disabilities are complex individuals with their own hopes, dreams, and aspirations. They should be treated as such. Different disability services in Australia help in ensuring that they live with the same rights like others.

2. Disability Is Not A Tragedy

In the media, stories about individuals with disabilities are often portrayed as inspirational or tragic. This only serves to further othering and stigmatization of people with disability. Yes, there are challenges that come with living with a disability. But there are also many positives. For example, people with disabilities often develop strong resilience and resourcefulness skills. Rather than viewing disability as a tragedy, we should celebrate the strength and determination of those who live with it every day. These individuals may need constant assistance from a disability support worker, but their talents, skills and willingness to improve their lives is

3. Everyone Deserves To Be Included

People with different mental and physical health issues should be included in every aspect of society. This includes employment, education, sport, the arts, and social activities. Inclusion benefits everyone involved. It helps break down barriers and creates a more diverse and interesting society for us all to live in. Different disability support programs are provided by our government to help them such as disability employment services, psychosocial health assistance, community inclusion, respite care, disability accommodation and more.

KrisCare: Advocate of Genuine Disability Care & Support

Changing the way we think about disability is important if we want to create a more inclusive society for everyone involved. A more positive outlook will help break down barriers and lead to better opportunities for people with disabilities. What’s more, it benefits us all by creating a richer and more diverse society that we can all enjoy being a part of.

These are the goals that make KrisCare work harder to help more individuals who need different levels of support. If you are part of this population, KrisCare welcomes you warmly to join our family. Together with our committed team, you can lean on us to serve you with genuine and compassionate disability care and support in Australia – contact us now!

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