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A Complete Guide for Being NDIS Support Coordinator | KrisCare

A Comprehensive Guide for Becoming an NDIS Support Coordinator

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has revolutionised the way that people living with disabilities, their families, and carers access the support they need. As such, it has created a plethora of opportunities for NDIS professionals to make a difference in the lives of those they serve. One of those professions is that of an NDIS Support Coordinators – and this guide will take you through the process of becoming one with KrisCare. 

What Does an NDIS Support Coordinator Do?

As an NDIS Support Coordinator, you are responsible for helping people to identify their goals, find and access services to meet those goals, and assist them to build capacity by developing strategies to achieve their outcomes. You will also provide advice on how best to manage services provided by the NDIS, as well as finding new ones. This may involve researching available options, navigating different levels of government funding or assisting participants in finding providers who offer quality services at competitive prices. An important part of your role will be building relationships with participants, providers, and other stakeholders so that everyone can work together towards better outcomes for participants.

The Skills You Need To Become An NDIS Support Coordinator

There are certain skills that are essential when it comes to become NDIS support coordinator – both personal and professional. On a personal level, you should have strong interpersonal skills; empathy; excellent communication; problem-solving ability; resilience; patience; cultural awareness; organizational skills; attention to detail; good time management; and the ability to remain calm under pressure. On a professional level, you should have knowledge and understanding of the disability sector in Australia; knowledge of relevant policies and legislation (including the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013); knowledge and understanding of budgeting principles; ability to use computer programs such as Microsoft Office Suite; experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures; experience working with people living with disabilities (ideally in a support coordination role); experience writing reports/case notes/program plans etc.; strong research skills – including internet search techniques etc.; knowledge of community resources/services (e.g., housing, education etc.).

How To Become An NDIS Support Coordinator With KrisCare?

Becoming effective NDIS support coordinators Melbourne requires a combination of both personal attributes such as empathy and resilience, as well as technical skills such as knowledge of relevant legislation and community resources/services available within Australia.
If you think you have what it takes to become an effective support coordinator then why not consider joining our team at KrisCare? We’re always on the lookout for qualified professionals who share our commitment to providing excellent service delivery within the disability sector.

A Complete Guide for Being NDIS Support Coordinator (2nd) | KrisCare

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Are you or someone you know an NDIS participant or carer who is looking for support with the Plan Management or Coordination of Supports process? Look no further than our team of NDIS registered support coordinators. Our group consists of knowledgeable professionals with a passion for helping their participants lead meaningful, productive lives. We have successfully coordinated services and support to hundreds of NDIS participants and have a number of five-star reviews. You can trust us to be your key advocate, persistently working to ensure that your NDIS goals and objectives are met. Remember: it’s never too late to refer an NDIS Participant to us today! Get in touch with us!

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